188. An Extremely Gendered Sniper Rifle


May 29th, 2023

57 mins 47 secs

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  • Maxx
  • Erica



  • The Bugzooka
  • Booms and busts of little insect invasions.
  • A little vacuum chamber that you squish closed.
  • Sucking a fly through a tube.
  • Cry havoc and let slip the bugs of war.
  • Egads, Bugzooks!
  • The Bug-A-Salt Passion Assassin 3.0.
  • A middle aged dad of the type that would buy a salt gun
  • A bugzooka in active use.
  • A balding man who looks like Jeffery Epstein crawling on the floor in his underwear to promote the Bug-A-Salt.
  • Professor Fly Presents: Fly Facts.
  • Judging the anatomical correctness of Professor Fly.
  • Hammacher-Schlemmer ads for bug-catching devices.
  • Whether women make better snipers.
  • Aiming at the fly on the wall with your laser sight.
  • Mr. Pinch.
  • A fly in a lab coat who lives in Seattle.
  • A photocopied leaflet about your band or political cause.
  • The best, most well-produced musicians in the world.
  • Ways to frame game jams.
  • A good brain hack for if you feel the urge to be a product.
  • Indiepocalypse.
  • Electric Zine Maker.
  • Whether the pandemic is over.
  • One of the birdiest places in the United States.
  • Talk Irby to Me.
  • Becoming texting buddies with a famous bird systematist from Cornell.
  • A Big Year.
  • Yelling bird coordinates at someone you just met.
  • Winston's favorite bird and why he likes it so much.
  • Knowing something about ravens. (Not what they eat.)
  • The Northwestern Crow.
  • A crow catching live shrimp and stashing them in the moss.
  • Collecting black walnut husks to dye wool.
  • Feeding crows who bring you lipstick from the 1940s.
  • What to do with a 10 pound bag of unsalted peanuts.
  • A movie where every kid in town foils an attempted kidnapping and then holds a talent show.
  • Ark Music Factory.
  • Hiring a record label guy to write and record a song with your daughter so she can star in a terrible music video and become a survivor of internet celebrity.
  • Social media survivors.
  • Stardom: it's not good for you.
  • Whether kids today still want to be movie stars.
  • Bitmojis and other things that put you in a little cartoon.
  • A customized birthday greeting from a Weird Al.
  • Paying Rudy Giuliani a pittance to wish your mom a happy birthday.
  • One of the Breaking Bad hitman twins undercutting the other by $300 on Cameo.
  • Preserving your Too Short custom rap tape on Youtube.
  • A poem written in BASIC that is spoilers for Mad Men.
  • The light in your Ikea bookshelf recognizing the light in you.
  • Doing line number archaeology when reading a BASIC program.
  • Seeing text from the other side of the page through the page.
  • Do It.
  • Instructional Art.
  • Finding 25 identical objects and naming them all Jimmy.
  • Flying Maxx to the Permian Basin to teach your students how to repair microscopes.
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