168. Take A Gasket, Leave A Gasket


January 9th, 2023

1 hr 19 mins 37 secs

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  • Erica
  • Jenni



  • Fighting for credit.
  • The discord: it's fun in there.
  • Forgetting an entire lord.
  • A lot of work to get twice as many views.
  • A convenient thing you can put old food in so it doesn't go bad as quickly.
  • Gaskets: there's a name for them.
  • The British vs. the American conception of a frown.
  • Frowning with your face gaskets.
  • Doing a cartwheel to feel happier.
  • Alan Snape.
  • Doing a racy political ad on top of a 40-foot pumpjack.
  • What the Texas Railroad Commission does.
  • Getting the idea for OPEC from Texas.
  • A political ad using the Sugar Hill Gang cover of Apache as a soundtrack.
  • The suburban Texan mom solving the climate crisis single-handedly.
  • Twerking at the sunrise.
  • Field-dressing a moose.
  • Fantasy-footballing a female running mate for Theodore Roosevelt even though they didn't have women back then.
  • Getting so annoyed at an ad that you have to log back into Twitter.
  • Scrolling social media and getting angry by yourself.
  • The crucial elements that comprise the ahegao face.
  • Electronic Girl.
  • The phylogeny of the e-girl.
  • Is it Soup?
  • Looking at Zelda's face and thinking "okay, that's soup."
  • Whether ahegao or Betty Boop are sexy.
  • A face that people make to indicate horniness.
  • The Betty Boop ahegao: it's bad, folks.
  • What is otaku's plan for us?
  • Project Lords.
  • A web site with JavaScript implementations of video game code wheels of various 90s video games.
  • Everybody playing the free version of chess for thousands of years when the paid version is a way better game.
  • Why there is no Casio Loopy emulator.
  • Finding a tiny blood reservoir for the smallest blood sacrifices.
  • Who wrote the Vagina Monologues?
  • Moving as if underwater from typewriter to piano.
  • What a lanyard is and what it's for.
  • How to repay your mom for all the things that she's given you.
  • God's Eyes.
  • Replacing your son's butt-gasket.
  • Being old enough to remember when it was normal for schoolchildren to make their parents an ashtray.
  • Making a gumball dispenser in wood shop and using it to convince your mom to buy you a big bag of gumballs.
  • 1899.
  • A sequence of mysterious things happening.
  • A mysterious TV show that ends when you overwater all of your boyfriend's plants.
  • The final episode of Lost, where the giant panda shows up and explains that "I'm god and you're in my dream!"
  • Comedy typing directly into the Topic Bucket.
  • What makes a good ending to a mystery-focused story.
  • Mystery as marketing hook.
  • How to end a mystery-focused story in a satisfying way without solving the mystery.
  • The most normal-looking guy in Radiohead.
  • The one guy in Radiohead who doesn't have any fans.
  • From the Basement in Rainbows.
  • A super chill guy keeping time with his leg.
  • Does Ed from Radiohead only sing his own name?
  • A Pokemon Named Ed.
  • Idiosyncratic ways to describe your favorite band member, that unlock your unique adoration.
  • The only member of the band who smiles.
  • Absorbing it all as the luckiest person alive playing with your pals in a huge venue.
  • The kind of Radiohead fan whose imagination is so powerful that you can't safely let them into Radiohead concerts because they might imagine a bomb.
  • The kind of Topic Lord who listens to the show.
  • Having some delightful chats in Texas.
  • Posing on the pumpjack where nobody will ever see you.
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