167. Riker's Doing The Biting


January 2nd, 2023

1 hr 5 mins 13 secs

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  • Sleeping with 20,000 podcasts.
  • Hyper Light Waiter.
  • Rift of the Necrodancer.
  • Picking up a dog ribcage and the rest of the dog comes with it.
  • A cat flowing out of your hands like water.
  • Which organ you smell with.
  • Dipping your fingies into the chicken vat to refresh the chicken smell.
  • Serendipity, providence, kismet, fate: Stormdancing.
  • Nyquist vs. Dayquist.
  • A big talking world snake named Carlosti, just like in the Edda.
  • Pitching a character's voice down four semitones to indicate that they're the bad guy.
  • Inventing a sound never heard before.
  • Doing a fun click.
  • Whether to take Tidal seriously.
  • Moving to a town that lives in a shopping mall.
  • Snowpiercer but the wheels fell off.
  • Signing your kids up for Twitter because they have to learn about death somehow.
  • A tiktok sensation dancing with a subway sandwich.
  • Visiting the sewage treatment plant next to the Forever 21.
  • The only two Invisible War fans in the world, on the same podcast together.
  • Crimothy, Jermdom and Frenchalor.
  • The Archie Effect.
  • A video card that's broken in an extremely specific way.
  • Reading a brochure about Super Metroid over and over.
  • A controller made of marzipan.
  • 2x Sai vs. SuperEagle.
  • DLSS but for pixel art.
  • Star Wars but every six seconds it's a different director.
  • Paying composers to make original music because you enjoy the idea of paying people to do work.
  • A poem by Nega-Kanye West.
  • The engine that drives the popularity of the "Whistle while you work / Hitler is a jerk" rhyme.
  • Bratwurst vs. Vienna Sausage.
  • Whether Data has functional genitalia.
  • The episode of Star Trek: the Next Generation where Data stars in a porn film in order to better understand that part of the human experience.
  • Star Trek Next Generation Triple-X Porn Parody: it's a satire.
  • Trying to find the Star Trek Next Generation Triple-X porn parody but all you can find is endless copies of the Babylon 5 porn parody.
  • Searching the internet and the universe for an answer.
  • Pressing both the sticks in and the sea monkeys come out.
  • What's cool about Dark Souls.
  • Trying to get your mom to play Skyrim with the Macho Man Randy Savage mod installed.
  • Video games: fuck the whole town!
  • Game of the Year in the sense of Time Magazine's Man of the Year.
  • Roguelikes: they're like Rogue.
  • Single-stick shooters.
  • The kind of game that a CSI character would play.
  • What Fortnite was before it was a PubG clone.
  • The extremely bitter blog post about the Edge team giving up and wrapping Chromium.
  • Where to play Frog Fractions 4 and 5.
  • How to feel about numbers.
  • The most expensive Vampire Survivor-likes.
  • Where to find Drop 7 2.
  • Arcade Paradise.
  • Bootleg Fractions.
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