225. Showers: It's Wet In There


February 12th, 2024

1 hr 19 mins 36 secs

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  • CisHetKayfaber
  • BaseCase


  • Raising third cultural kids as a second cultural individual
  • Figuring out how to do creative projects that take longer than a weekend when you aren't getting paid for them.
  • Someone sent me money on Venmo and now I need to sign up for Venmo if I want to have the money
  • Farmyard Song
  • We've been subscribed to Universal Yums for over a year now, and the sweet snacks range from "unremarkable" to "unbelievably great" to "not my cup of tea but interesting", whereas the savory snacks are mostly bad. What's going on there?


  • Not being permitted to plug anything.
  • A unique situation in which you are gendered a lot less.
  • Australian Treat Arnott's Mint Slice.
  • Crossover of snacks from Australia to Japan.
  • Gentleman's agreements among cookie manufacturers.
  • Patenting your cookie recipe.
  • Touring school administrators.
  • Being friends with a lot of Coca Cola people.
  • Really enjoying multiculturalism.
  • Producing a good person.
  • Taking credit for the time your daughter didn't play Mario for six months.
  • Focusing on the aspects of the situation that you find meaningful.
  • What does and doesn't count as a childhood development milestone.
  • Being good at the work people are expecting you to do.
  • Doing worksheets outside.
  • What children report back from their experience at school.
  • Attempting to pirate the Montessori curriculum.
  • A really fun month.
  • Projects you can accomplish in a weekend.
  • Why you don't have more to show for all your free time.
  • Refusing to call someone stupid or lazy and having to figure out why they're actually failing.
  • Coping strategies to get things done.
  • Advice that is not helpful for neurodivergent people.
  • Breaking a task into subtasks and putting them on a schedule.
  • The first time you encountered the concept of a to-do list.
  • Brain tech.
  • Hammock time. (Or shower time.)
  • Showers: It's Wet In There.
  • Exultation of showers.
  • Watching someone start a hobby and immediately excel at it.
  • Finding a good community to learn how to do a thing.
  • Joining a discord with experts in many things.
  • Learning how to program and realizing that this makes you good at everything because programming is the hardest thing humans do.
  • Sending money to a phone number vs. sending money to an email address.
  • Canadians wishing each other money.
  • Nice things to do when you don't want to defraud people.
  • Opening a whole raft of phishing opportunities.
  • Visa getting a cut of every transaction that happens ever.
  • Whether every person in the world could live in Canada.
  • The Cocaine Mayor.
  • A traditional that is credited to Aaron Copeland.
  • Cats saying "fiddle-eye-fee."
  • Not being a raging misogynist but engaging in raging misogyny anyway.
  • The era when the onomatopoeia for a dog barking was "bow wow."
  • Onomatopoeia that is literal like "bang" vs. onomatopoeia that is more of a stretch like "shimmy shack shimmy shack."
  • Riffing on Aaron Copeland's sexuality.
  • Trying to shit enough to keep up with your toilet paper subscription.
  • A product built for people who have kids but do not have kids.
  • The mechanism by which the "Launch Frog Fractions 2" button launched Frog Fractions 2.
  • The great Loot Box crash of 2019.
  • Snacks that come with an instruction manual.
  • Ketchup flavored potato chips.
  • What you reach for when you're feeling snacky.
  • A potato chip palate that is just far too sophisticated.
  • Smoked ham potato chips.
  • Harry Potter jelly beans ruining snacks forever.
  • Only liking eating things that taste good.
  • This is bad, but is it bad in a new, interesting way?
  • The worst kind of bad.
  • Observing a terrible sprawling work and thinking "wow, you really did a thing here."
  • The recontextualization of earlier elements based on later knowledge.
  • Discord Lords.
  • Listening to ads because you have gloves on.
  • How to join the Topic Lords discord.
  • A recently minted lord who edits the show.
  • Lords Eat Free.
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