246. Send An Envelope Of Guacamole For Analysis


July 8th, 2024

1 hr 3 mins 58 secs

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  • Jay
  • Alex



  • A puzzle adventure game starring a ferret.
  • DROD-likes.
  • Sending an envelope full of guacamole to a food lab so they can tell you a list of ingredients.
  • Reaching in the window so you can finally drive a million dollar Porsche.
  • Letting the Ewok sit in the driver's seat but not actually letting it drive the car.
  • Whether Ewoks get old enough to drive.
  • Throw Rock.
  • Making a game by first making your own level editor, image editor, audio synthesizer and music composition tools.
  • Finding playtesters by letting them come to you.
  • An eyeball that charges a laser when you step in front of it.
  • Deliberately optimizing your game to take up as little disk space as possible.
  • A project that starts moving much faster when you figure out what kind of project it should be.
  • Writing a 3D modeler so that you can get your 2D game on Steam.
  • Working with a professional artist.
  • Rendering fur.
  • Games with turns that represent less than a second of in-game time.
  • The mind-feel of a turn length.
  • A game that was so good that the developers went back decades later to make it playable.
  • The Mud and the Slime.
  • How to play DROD without any roach timers.
  • Which DROD is the best one to start with.
  • Sokoban with swordplay.
  • The level in King Dugan's Dungeon that's nothing but roach queens.
  • Optimizing your sword movements well enough that you can move forward while fighting.
  • Puzzles that are just hard enough to engage your mind while you do something else.
  • Visiting someone who is camping and then going home to sleep in your own bed.
  • Building a fire and making s'mores in the bathroom.
  • Camping expenses.
  • Giving gifts to adults who can already buy whatever they want.
  • Deliberately choosing a vacation that is especially exhausting.
  • Spending two days each visiting seven different family friends.
  • Your grandparents taking you camping and they sleep in the RV while you have to sleep in the tent.
  • Buying an onion bloomer for $600 and insisting that your family eat a blooming onion every night to justify the purchase.
  • Skyscrapers made out of words
  • Training yourself to visualize words in the wrong orientation.
  • Puzzling out what the title of the poem would've been if the typesetter hadn't messed it up
  • Cross-sectional art.
  • Poems that are intended to be viewed rather than read aloud.
  • Anti-poem poems.
  • Every project you've ever worked on (on a computer)
  • Good usable archives.
  • The unique digital footprint of your life.
  • Getting the bits from a SCSI hard drive in an old Mac that doesn't boot up.
  • Apple Desktop Bus Connection.
  • The miraculous ubiquity and longevity of USB-A.
  • Figuring out how to hook up a digital video player that requires a Firewire connection.
  • The MacOS resource fork.
  • What the .sit and .hqx extensions meant.
  • Gamma Zee.
  • Using social media to actually do things.
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