245. It Was You, Old Man Molyneux!


July 1st, 2024

1 hr 13 mins 21 secs

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  • Ben
  • Nicholas



  • Projects that you can't talk about yet
  • Telling a joke for international joke day.
  • A very busy day for Australians.
  • Sending 3 kilos of lollies to your co-worker in Canada.
  • It's the way it shatters that matters.
  • Cherry Ripes.
  • The thinking man's candy.
  • Chicken Crimpy.
  • A biscuit inspired by Golden Gaytime.
  • "It's hard to have a Gaytime on your own."
  • Renaming chocolate jelly babies to be less racist.
  • A real enthusiasm for desiccated coconut.
  • Butter chicken parmigiana.
  • P burger candy.
  • Whether kangaroos are hunted or farmed.
  • Whether kangaroos are the same size as the kangaroo fruit.
  • The waiter in Japan staring at you until you eat the single slice of kiwi.
  • The official ranking of fruit prestige in Japan, with melon only being bested by keys and Galaga ships.
  • How many footballs they have in Australia. (At least three, maybe six.)
  • A sport where nobody can tell when somebody has scored so the whole audience is constantly on edge.
  • The theme song for the guy coming up to bat.
  • Booing when your team scores, because they didn't score more.
  • Whether Eurovision is better when you're not in Europe.
  • Correlating sports with Eurovision.
  • A little song and dance that's definitely not political.
  • XFL camera operators running around on the field.
  • Improving sports broadcasts with drone cameras.
  • A comprehensive list of games that are causes for negligence.
  • Games on boards with 8 or 10 rows (or the same games played in the sky).
  • Avoiding the line to be avoided.
  • Making a mark on a wall and deciding if it looks like an elephant.
  • There's no throwing, Buddha! This is not a cause for negligence.
  • How the Buddha feels about the Mersenne Twister.
  • An abacus except it's a roller coaster track.
  • Tracing letters in the air or on a friend's back.
  • Even more games Buddha would not play.
  • The minigame from the beginning of Mario 64 where you stretch out his eyes.
  • What Shall it Be?
  • In this game you are the video game and you are the one being played.
  • A video game adaptation of the less half fun of Pictionary.
  • Kinect Charades.
  • Using the Kinect voice to say "it's goat!"
  • It turns out Molyneux was wearing the business all along.
  • Turning your dream into art. Like a video game! Or something more artistic.
  • Dubbing your podcast onto cassette tape and calling it an Audio Zine.
  • The Creative Labs Creative Zen.
  • Setting up your sound card and hearing digitized speech in Leisure Suit Larry.
  • Fond memories of listening to digital audio on your Creative Labs Sound Blaster.
  • Dr. Sbaitso and Dr. Sbaitso imitators.
  • What you do when your dad isn't around to help you boot up Red Alert.
  • An FMV adventure game set in Germany.
  • The Red Alert installation experience.
  • Tim Curry giving his all in the Red Alert FMV cutscenes.
  • An oral history of Tim Curry's escape into the one place uncorrupted by capitalism.
  • Enjoying the Aboriginal Sauce at Outback Steakhouse.
  • Australians explaining that America also started as a prison colony
  • Hamilton didn't talk about this!
  • The Simpsons writing room discovering the Coriolis effect and realizing that they need to tell the world so it's lucky that anything they write will be broadcast on national television and on streaming services for decades to come.
  • Everyone in your age bracket having the first ten seasons of the Simpsons memorized.
  • Finding Frinkiac, analogous to discovering a new Blender plug-in.
  • Lying on the couch and taking a photo of the TV.
  • Having a mobile game and sending the APK to anyone who asks nicely.
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