218. Darmok And Jalad Go To White Castle


December 25th, 2023

1 hr 3 mins 49 secs

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  • Stevie
  • Avery



  • Why the show works like that.
  • Asking people if they understand what's going on.
  • Spy software.
  • Exactly the kind of game you don't want to explain.
  • Someone who has a sense of humor and thinks something is funny.
  • A hat you can put on your frog.
  • Why frogs are so damn popular.
  • The game with the magnifying glass.
  • Whether the recorder is a real instrument or a crappy toy for babies.
  • Just how thicc this bass recorder is
  • The supercomputer that's also a couch.
  • Talking to your mom on the phone for 45 minutes because she can't stop listing medieval instruments.
  • Recorders that are double recorders.
  • Michael Fassbender teaching his clone how to play the flute.
  • Eating a pair of garden shears.
  • An umbrella handle that was given growth hormones that sounds kind of like a stylophone.
  • An instrument that is curved so that you can play it on horseback without bonking the horse.
  • The sackbut.
  • A selfie stick but for a trombone.
  • Sausage bassoons.
  • Unholy Rackett.
  • How long how many strings look it up?
  • Insufflation tubes and dudelsacks..
  • Versatile, like the Pogues.
  • Bears riding unicycles but not very well.
  • Overblowing.
  • Jim the Overblower.
  • Bringing up bugles to someone who works hospice.
  • How many songs you can play on a bugle.
  • Not wanting to play Beatles Rock Band because you with at BevMo.
  • A photo of an early 20th century cult/baseball team that looks like a modern-day metal band.
  • Not being able to make it to the majors so you settle for House of Dave.
  • Someone who's never played Blaseball trying to explain Blaseball.
  • Amusement parks started by cults.
  • A pretty good way to end a baseball league.
  • Additional amusement.
  • Preserving tiny railways built by a baseball cult.
  • A busy man who has no time to pee.
  • Peristalsis.
  • Persons currently experiencing hubris.
  • What happens to your knowledge when you're not actively thinking about it.
  • When you can truly say you know the capital of the United States.
  • Waking up needing to pee and trying to fall back to sleep so that you forget you need to pee.
  • Having a dream about urinals overflowing.
  • Cutting nature at its joints.
  • Preparing for Topicking.
  • Whether the Jejune Institute made money.
  • When Sacky Meets Butty.
  • Signing a contract in someone else's blood.
  • Yet another non-mammalian milk.
  • Jacked, yoked, ripped and swole spiders.
  • Imagery that's only unsettling because you don't regularly drink spider milk.
  • Vestigial web butts.
  • Sympathy for the young.
  • Putting on a spider silk dress and never being able to take it off.
  • A communal spider butthole web.
  • Blinded by the milk, wrapped up in a douche.
  • The first boutique New York restaurant to serve spider milk pancakes.
  • Cutting out all the parts where people say something dumb.
  • Drum Pants. (It turns your pants into a drum set.)
  • We have seen the a Queen of Cheese.
  • The worst rhyme scheme.
  • A poem that screams 5th grade.
  • Why does this web site have line numbers?
  • Are you a bad enough dude to save the president's cheese?
  • A poetic technique that can be really cool (but not in this poem)
  • Confusing this mammoth cheese with another mammoth cheese.
  • The most mammalian of all mammals.
  • My Mother Milked a Million Mostly Male Mammoths.
  • A huge ice cream tub carried by four ponies.
  • 35 tons of milk
  • Extremely fake beards.
  • A thing people once said to sell chicken.
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