214. Oh Shit! That Guy's Got Horse Legs!


November 27th, 2023

1 hr 5 mins 19 secs

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  • Preventative care.
  • COVID lucky streaks.
  • Being able to go to the ER.
  • How to spell Cocoon.
  • Moth guys carrying orbs on their backs.
  • Boss battles that you wouldn't expect.
  • Wilford Brimley's agelessness.
  • Octopus nightmares.
  • The octopus equivalent of rapid eye movement.
  • Meeting sapient crows and asking them whether Y or Z should be up.
  • Which memories stick better.
  • Perception of time when you have a routine vs. when you don't.
  • Arranging your life to maximize perceived lifespan.
  • Different ways to have an adventure.
  • Shooby doooby doggie.
  • A sports rule that sounds like a 17776 plot point
  • Why the Bob Emergency is an emergency.
  • The best quarterbacks getting stuck in an endless hike and football ending forever.
  • The one person who hasn't played Frog Fractions but just listens to Topic Lords because they like topics so much.
  • Summer's lease.
  • Reading a poem aloud without knowing what "ow'st" means or how to pronounce it.
  • Words that used to rhyme but don't anymore.
  • Meter recognize meter.
  • Writing all your sonnets during COVID lockdown.
  • A poem about a dude that Shakespeare is not in love with.
  • Woe is me, etc.
  • Piss Jugman vs Piss Jugm'n.
  • Making phonetic reforms that don't take.
  • Smoothing off any rough edges or peculiarities.
  • Permadeath taking inspiration from real life.
  • A fun thing that you wouldn't have expected to see.
  • Enjoying spending time in the world.
  • Hold the W key and cruise through it.
  • The difference between wanting something vs. liking it.
  • Abelian.
  • The opposite of how you would think honor works.
  • Great honors: brands hate them!
  • Whether to capitalize "lynchian," "kafkaesque" or "quixotic"
  • Eternal abstract universal objects.
  • Teaching truck drivers where to put their piss jugs.
  • The highest honor Piss Jugman can receive.
  • The surname Piss.
  • What is the average Piss lifespan?
  • A real life Bobby Tables moment.
  • The Polywater Gap.
  • Water that scientists have sweated in.
  • Buying a can of Soviet Scientist Sweat in a Japanese vending machine.
  • Polyester intoxication.
  • Liquids with a lower freezing temperature than water.
  • The Polywater Doodle.
  • A metabolism described by Richard Feynman.
  • Brain Pollution.
  • The particular better of the first line of Aqualung by Jethro Tull.
  • Singing "parallelipiped" to the tune of Aqualung.
  • Hearing random phrases in your life.
  • Spelling "yogurt" backwards.
  • Trying to understand the New York Times' effect on man.
  • A killer rap album based on alliteration rather than rhyming.
  • Poetry that rhymes on the second to last syllable rather than the last.
  • The baffling cosmology of Butter Dorks.
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