79. Loose Meat Krispie Treats


April 26th, 2021

1 hr 16 mins 7 secs

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  • A modern take on Lunar Lander.
  • Flying a rocket ship underwater.
  • John Mystery's true identity.
  • The true identity of the investigator who uncovered John Mystery's true identity.
  • Blaseball: the Musical: the Deaths of Sebastian Telephone.
  • Whether it's okay to not be the most obsessed participant in your chosen fandom.
  • Take Me Out to the Blall Game.
  • Writing, recording and editing a musical in 72 hours.
  • Screaming about how Jessica Telephone looked at you.
  • The pros and cons of being cagey about your identity.
  • The ten most interesting things that happened in Blaseball this week.
  • Newsletters: the podcast that comes into your email.
  • The pros and cons of reinventing the wheel.
  • A non-destructive audio synthesizer that integrates into your makefile.
  • Writing the simplest version of a program that's exactly what you need vs. learning how to use someone else's complicated program that does all the things anyone could want.
  • Reinventing the wheel to learn how a wheel works.
  • Passing variously aggregated files back and forth between R and Python scripts.
  • NPM as exhibit A in the argument that maybe it's a good idea to reinvent the wheel sometimes.
  • Relying on a thousand strangers not breaking their NPM module so that your commercial web site can keep running.
  • Perpetually living in fear of the enormous arcane machine you've created.
  • Rice Krispie Treat Burgers.
  • The hidden dangers of putting diced onion in your meat loaf.
  • Ingredients blending into a homogenous mass.
  • Sweet Sundae Ramen.
  • Homemade fudge vs hot fudge.
  • A food dish that looks like something tasty.
  • A brown sludge at the end.
  • Whether this noodley carb would look more appetizing if it weren't dyed blue.
  • Adapting a 4chan cooking thread into a Youtube channel with MST3K style silhouettes heckling the whole time.
  • Shipping your symphony with instructions on how to remix it.
  • Indeterminacy.
  • Observing someone across the street when cars are passing by.
  • As Slow as Possible As Fast as Possible.
  • Basing the tempo of your performance on the wavelength of the shortest note in the piece.
  • Not knowing what to expect but being thoroughly satisfied by what you got.
  • Homeschooling vs. Unschooling.
  • A very positive thing for you that might not be great for other people.
  • Wanting to be a baker when you grow up but not knowing how to proceed because you already are a baker.
  • Learning by doing.
  • The correlation between people who like the structure of school and who people learn best by reading rather than doing.
  • The first person in your family to not be homeschooled.
  • Learning to play music because there are instruments in your house.
  • Growing up outside the school system and encountering the Pledge of Allegiance for the first time in your thirties.
  • Sending your homeschooled kids to high school so all their little personality quirks get beaten out of them by their peers.
  • Everyone American diagnosed with PTSD actually having PTSD twice, because they also went to middle school.
  • Learning how to deal with other humans once you're mature enough to have a little bit of emotional intelligence.
  • Embarrassment of your past self as a sign of growth.
  • A topic asking for the perspective of someone who is not on the podcast.
  • Getting glasses that make objects in your left eye look farther away than in your right eye.
  • Radially-oriented bifocals.
  • Finally achieving everyone else's normal.
  • Putting up with blurry vision for most of your life but wearing glasses when you hike because you want to see all the pretty leaves.
  • Putting on someone else's glasses as a joke but things do actually look a little bit sharper but assuming it's just an illusion.
  • Thinking you have normal vision until someone actually measures your corneas.
  • Swimming at the edges of your vision because lenses work best in the middle.
  • Wearing glasses that flip your vision vertically and your brain eventually learning to correct for it, and then taking the glasses off and your brain is like "oh shit it's this again!"
  • The thing where you put a mirror under your chin and walk around and the popcorn on the ceiling looks like the surface of the moon.
  • Objects shrinking every time you get new glasses.
  • Objectively measuring your perception by sticking a tape measure into your brain.
  • Writing one really excellent tweet and then hiding it behind a bunch of tweets promoting the musical you were in.
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