123. Go Up, You Bald Head!


February 28th, 2022

1 hr 3 mins 15 secs

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  • Playing card finishes
  • Esper Quinn adds: "As a decades long Magic: the Gathering player, card condition, handling and protection is something I've actually spent a lot of time thinking about. There's a guy on YouTube whose whole claim to fame is that every couple months he reviews every new sleeve (both inner and outer, for double sleeving), deck protector, carrying case, binder, etc. for card protection. Magic cardstock has actually remained consistent since 1993, though inks and printing techniques have shifted a lot over the years. In fact, new foil cards are way worse than old foils; for some reason, they tend to curl the card if not kept in a 100% humidity free environment. The curling can get so bad that sometimes judges won't allow them to be played in tournaments, since they count as marked cards!"
  • If the words religion and faith didn't exist, how would we talk about them?
  • Good Bones, by Maggie Smith
  • Homemade hair conditioner / masque is basically mayo


  • Ripe and ready topics.
  • Making guests record their own obituary in case they die between when an episode is recorded and when it's released.
  • Watching Your Rass.
  • A podcast about people who form their identities around games, specifically Cribbage.
  • The Slim-Line B-7 "True Linen" Finish.
  • Switching out topics on the fly.
  • Practicing a magic trick in front of a mirror and fooling yourself.
  • Positive feedback loops.
  • Curling -- The Thing Noodles Do.
  • The benefits of cheap hobbies.
  • A Clarke Sweetone with a conical bore.
  • Bicycle Backs.
  • How quickly you wear out a deck of playing cards when learning close-up magic.
  • The most interesting card finishes.
  • Cardistry.
  • The Bicycle Air-Cushion finish vs. the Cartamundi True Linen finish.
  • E-llusionist Magic Supplies.
  • The best brand of cards to do the Faro shuffle with.
  • Two pieces of paper surrounding a cardboard core and enveloped in a plastic finish.
  • Peeling apart playing cards and finding a tiny map of Germany.
  • Something that comes from how people are.
  • Going to Blorp every Sunday morning.
  • Students with different educational needs.
  • Wanting to participate in a group that sets the rules but feeling really strongly that you shouldn't follow one particular rule.
  • Doing a lot of moderating of teen forums.
  • Conceiving of religions as fandoms of book series.
  • Being a super fan of someone who spoke out against elevating individuals above their individual experiences.
  • Eliezer Yudkowsky's Dune.
  • Scientist clergymen exploring the world.
  • The fossils of the language that we speak.
  • Dictionaries as the chalk outline around language's corpse.
  • Disney buying the Star Wars franchise as a metaphor for the Roman empire converting to Christianity.
  • Christianity before it was cool.
  • Talking dogs.
  • Comic book puppy trash acts.
  • The story from Kings where children make fun of a man's bald head and the man prays to God for help who sends bears to maul the children.
  • Being surrounded by hundreds of children making fun of your bald head.
  • Things that you thought were good but if there are ways they can be bad you want to hear about them.
  • Selling the world to your child.
  • Having a world view and having to learn to live with it.
  • Stones Georg.
  • Presenting the world's best self to your child.
  • Which end of the cow is the milk end.
  • The gestalt of a cow, which moos and creates milk.
  • Writing a poem live on the air by saying "dah" whenever you can't think of another word.
  • What happens if you shampoo but don't condition your hair.
  • The FBI coming to your apartment to arrest the free radicals making your hair frizzy.
  • Dropping mustard from your hair care routine because your head smells too much like a sandwich now.
  • Putting bean water on your head.
  • Hairdini.
  • The guests you can't find on Topic Lords.
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