124. Call Me Da5id; Da4id Was My Father


March 7th, 2022

1 hr 1 min 39 secs

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  • Making games and albums.
  • In the pluggable range.
  • The history of Byzantium.
  • The weird mysteries of what happened, what we know, what we don't know, and what didn't happen.
  • An average of all the books that don't exist.
  • Taking the average of two books.
  • The square root of negative Garfield.
  • A lossy compression algorithm for plain text.
  • The most information dense thing you can change.
  • LLLL Cool J.
  • Beware the LLs of March.
  • All the numbers you might append to your user name.
  • Wanting or not wanting to be like Xeno746.
  • Social signaling by putting numbers in your user name or by not putting numbers in your user name.
  • Role-playing having sponsors because all your idols are influencers.
  • Using the term "Information Superhighway" unironically.
  • Visually decorating your name.
  • Putting card suit emojis around your name and then appending "-chocolate"
  • Encoding your identity in emojis and adding them to your user name.
  • The double inertias of trying to move plus leaving your comfort zones.
  • Jim's advice for learning a new tool.
  • Working with a tool the way it's intended to be used.
  • Petting a cat the wrong way as a metaphor.
  • Actors we confuse with each other.
  • Hearing two bands on the same mixtape and getting them confused for the rest of your life.
  • Refusing to explain a gross band name on the show.
  • Trying to figure out what sex act your parents named you after.
  • That Tom Lehrer song that's just a list of all the elements, except it's all your favorite turns of phrase.
  • Making a melody so dissonant and weird that the listener dissociates from music and just hears a sequence of pitches on its own merits.
  • Having a tongue party in your mouth.
  • The Sultan of Swat.
  • Loose Lips Buck Up.
  • Lifty Nifty, Bright and Shifty.
  • Making a bartop arcade machine with unconventional controls.
  • The kinetic feel of throwing and catching a flywheel.
  • Flipping a series of switches in quick succession.
  • A totally arbitrary control scheme that would be weird and interesting for one game but it's been used for thousands.
  • Designing your pinball table so that players nudge your pinball cabinet a bit but not too much.
  • Reasons for subtle variation in how pinball tables play.
  • Buying banned pinball parts at the pinball black market.
  • A pinball simulation of shooting cans with a gun.
  • The seesaw lever thing for going along the rails.
  • Bowling with a shuffleboard.
  • Being over monetizing your art.
  • Non-Functional Bullshit.
  • Non-Fungible Game Experiences, such as when the party you're DMing tries to intimidate NPCs with a severed leg.
  • Hobbies that feed your family.
  • Making sure your game remains mysterious by ensuring nobody cares enough to solve them.
  • Simmering on a thought before you express it.
  • Crunchy conlangs.
  • Idiosyncratic Oblasts of Russia.
  • Telling your boss at the DMV that you need time off to go speak to Russian Buddhist alien abduction cultists about the obscure conlang you invented.
  • Taking something functional and making something non-functional out of it to find out what it would look like.
  • A Dewey Decimal System for individual words.
  • Inventing a categorization system for all human knowledge that's extremely focused on maritime concerns.
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