82. Breadless French Toast a la Dig Dug


May 17th, 2021

59 mins 29 secs

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  • Hallie
    • @hallie_9000
  • Chris will find you.



  • Whether it's possible to do Soupertasters remotely.
  • What show this even is.
  • Never watching the best episode of a show because if you do the rest will be worse than that.
  • A game where you explore a tavern and then the game ends.
  • History littered with the corpses of couch-co-op-only games.
  • A hypothetical podcast about the dark history of cribbage.
  • The best vertically scrolling shooter set on British colonial Mars.
  • Adding faeries to rebalance the meta which has been overrun by dragons.
  • A little quadruped with features.
  • Ribbon-like feelers that make you drop your guard.
  • OG European fairies who steal children and leave rusty nails in their place.
  • A cute fairy dog that will fuck your shit up when you're not looking vibe.
  • The mortifying ordeal of realizing that all the Pokemon who look like they're wearing clothes? That's actually their skin.
  • A Syveon swinging around Viridian City like Spider-Man, eating birds and avoiding cold iron.
  • Turkey-flavored bread.
  • Making a Monte Cristo with savory French toast.
  • A sweet omelette with a lot more bread than egg.
  • Breadless French toast.
  • Omelette a la Dig Dug.
  • Filling crepes.
  • Using eggs as glue for putting a bunch of yummies together.
  • Lobster burritos.
  • What briefcases are for.
  • A game where you've got a corgi and you've gotta get her somewhere to do stuff.
  • Bringing a knife to a briefcase fight.
  • Using briefcases to store underwear.
  • Whether you want to sit in the briefcase or boxercase section.
  • Asking president Clinton "boxers or briefs?" on a live Q&A.
  • An adorable chonky Pikachu.
  • Detective Pikachu turning out way better than it had any right to be.
  • Two and a half hours of Pikachu jazzercising.
  • Whether Pikachu is made of shiny plastic like in Pokemon Go or is furry like a mouse like in Detective Pikachu.
  • Hiring internet meme people to do concept art for your movie.
  • Pokemon MC Hammer's extremely baggy purple leg skin.
  • Realistic Homer Simpson and realistic Mario.
  • Diving straight into your uncanny valley reflex and poking it with a stick.
  • Doing an image search for "realistic Mr. Mime" and regretting it immediately.
  • Psychic stigmata.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation and Frankenstein's conflicting takes on whether it's a good idea to construct an artificial person.
  • Trying to make a robot daughter but accidently making a murder bot.
  • Committing your kid to Git so you can roll back when they find out about the time you spent on 4chan.
  • Best practices for doing AI research without committing murder all the time.
  • The "bunch of delicious stuff in a pan plus eggs" approach to AI research vs. the "frittata" approach to AI research.
  • Observing and understanding the outcome of training a neural network and writing an ordinary program to do the same thing.
  • Agreement.
  • The alternate ending of Frankenstein where Dr. Frankenstein accidentally installs a baker's hand on the monster and it goes on a baking rampage using up all the flour in town.
  • To what degree parents can be held responsible for what their children do.
  • How it's okay to disown your parents but not your children.
  • A chatbot with servomotors in it.
  • A Furby molar.
  • A burden too great to bear alone.
  • A Furby living in a hollowed out tooth filled with corks.
  • Waking up next to a ceramic tooth with a face every morning.
  • Whether MAME has Furby support.
  • Douglas.
  • A Furby with baked beans instead of skin.
  • A Furby with teeth in the middle and it's not okay.
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