39. A Delicious Mushball


July 20th, 2020

1 hr 8 mins 3 secs

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  • Beforeigners (Norwegian TV show about refugees from different historical periods showing up in present-day)
  • Curating your child's entertainment so they grow up with good taste
  • I spent half an hour watching someone solve a Sudoku and it was amazing
  • Brandon asks: "Taking care of children vs taking care of pets"
  • Other jobs game designers would do well performing, after they leave game dev
  • History of changing worldviews -- not just Darwin, but things like the Big Bang and Continental Drift were originally seen as crackpot fringe theories


  • Saying your names at the beginning of the podcast and activating your wonder twin powers.
  • Quality inventive gameplay-driven entertainment.
  • Doing an earnest plug for once.
  • Figuring out how to make games for someone other than gamers.
  • Your game dev heroes being in their fifties and chasing success they had in their twenties.
  • Taking a vow of poverty and annoying off your wife and child.
  • Needing to find a patron because your art is not commercially viable.
  • No longer having your finger on the pulse of indie games.
  • Assuming the internet will be all over a particular TV series but somehow there are not endless memes about it.
  • Vikings apparating into modern Oslo and and solving a murder mystery.
  • The show about Vikings solving a modern-day murder mystery somehow not incorporating The Immigrant Song.
  • The American remake of Beforeigners where it's still about vikings so the protagonists can be white.
  • Finding out that a game is only four hours long and asking if it could be two hours instead.
  • Introducing video games to your child in order of release so they develop a taste for the classics.
  • Figuring out how to introduce your child to the Internet without ruining them.
  • Installing an internet proxy to protect your child from depraved porn by replacing it with videos of normal people having normal sex.
  • Today's teens playing Bushido Blade and discovering that it has a pocket sand button.
  • The classic game history situations.
  • Wanting your child to like all the hobbies you think are boring.
  • Watching a man repeatedly astonish himself at his own ability to solve a puzzle.
  • Feeling like you are in conversation with the puzzle designer.
  • Watching a movie over and over again.
  • Taking the smallest possible step when a problem seems impossible.
  • One of those Master Class videos if the person was discovering that they were a master while making the video.
  • A five year old taking the family car to California to buy a Lamborghini with the $3 in his pocket.
  • Feeling your family tree stretching out forwards into the future and behind you into the past.
  • Watching your child grow agency and opinions and knowing it's your responsibility to shape them.
  • You and the cat enjoying each other's company while the cat doesn't die.
  • Your kid doing something bad and everybody looking at you.
  • Cheering when your child goes down the stairs correctly.
  • Game design teaching you to see the world as systems.
  • Studying economics at an academic level and feeling like you're turning our game design skills inside out.
  • Trying to convince people outside of game development that being a game developer has taught you anything meaningful.
  • Being failed up to a level design role because anyone can scrub out a tile map.
  • Level designers getting more respect when it started requiring technical chops.
  • Needing a web page and getting your nephew to do it rather than paying an expensive consultant, because frankly 99% of people can't tell the difference.
  • Trying to write your own CSS renderer because you don't want to just make it a web page.
  • Trying to convince your friends that you were once a big shot in the game dev world.
  • The Societate Jesu having an incredible faction progression.
  • Giving people progressively cooler titles instead of raises.
  • Getting an extra year of being a priest before you die.
  • Doing a cool thing while you're alone and getting bummed out that nobody saw it.
  • Trying to throw fruits and vegetables as close as possible to the ceiling without actually hitting it.
  • Hating doing marketing so much that you invent a project where the whole point is that it's a secret and you'll never promote it.
  • How South America kind of fits right into Africa.
  • Hypothesizing continental drift and the scientific community telling you to fuck right off.
  • The lost continent of Lemuria.
  • Fringe scientific theories only gaining traction when existing scientists die.
  • Taking comfort in the fact that how people in the past were wrong but what we believe now is definitely correct and we'll never have to change our minds.
  • Being presented with contrary evidence and dying on the spot.
  • The most delicious bolus.
  • Eating cookie dough rather than ruining it by putting it in the oven.
  • The variety of textures and flavors of drinking milk and then eating cookies. (Not dipping the cookies in milk.)
  • The worldview shift that leads you to change your handle from Cynical Panda to Optimist Panda.
  • Playing Bomberman '93 with your nine year old and eventually having to explain to him that 93 is your dad's age.
  • An alternate-history Spock-with-a-goatee video game console.
  • Living in your house for 30 years and suddenly discovering three additional rooms.
  • Buying a NES and SNES classic even though you've been playing those games in emulation since the 90s.
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