237. Through The Pooping Glass


May 6th, 2024

1 hr 13 mins 54 secs

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  • Avery
  • Chris



  • Looking for a job as a programmer but finding one as a bard.
  • A Transformers the Movie style power ballad.
  • Stopping having a job on purpose.
  • All the fun things you can do on mountains.
  • Carrying around a VR helmet so you can take photos of a mountain.
  • Snowy mountains on one side and lava fields on the other.
  • Towns named after regular guys.
  • Yelling at your barista that you live in Frisco.
  • The tier list of San Francisco's rarest nicknames.
  • The wrong kind of skiing.
  • A kind of hiking that is faster and also you can slide down the hill.
  • Cross-country snowboarding.
  • Repeatedly popping out of your ski boots and landing in the snow barefoot.
  • The most winter you've experienced in your entire life.
  • Taking snow home from the mountains and putting it in a cup in your freezer.
  • Breaking your toe while stage jumping.
  • Best ways to not save a hypothermic toe.
  • Devoting a portion of your massive intellect to making your friend's life interesting.
  • Back before the Internet was threatening.
  • The Avery ARG (or AARG).
  • Writing a short story about your friend in the form of a dating personals ad and posting hundreds of copies all over town.
  • Miranda July.
  • An app that crowdsources uncomfortable personal interactions.
  • A KFC billboard that has been defaced to unrecognizability but the life-sized statue of Colonel Sanders right next to it remains untouched.
  • Partnering with Safeway to distribute your zine on the back of Safeway receipts.
  • Mixing up your ammo with your pharmaceuticals so your mugger no longer feels iron deficient.
  • Whether it's morally okay to appreciate a well-made advertisement.
  • The advertisement where the guy is now on a horse.
  • Spray tan parties happening in your area.
  • Going to the buying place with your earth money.
  • Your favorite deodorant being discontinued and buying the very last crate and rationing them even though you go to the gym every day.
  • Handling Smellium with your bare hands.
  • Smelling what happened to the scientists who discovered Smellium.
  • Asking for a fun tool for Christmas even though you know you'll never have time to use it because maybe the idea of fun is enough.
  • The screen saver only paying attention to mouse and keyboard input so when you're playing games you need to jiggle the mouse every few minutes or the screen saver kicks in
  • Looking at headlines first thing in the morning to make yourself angry enough to get out of bed.
  • Seeing a headline saying "10,000 people join Mastodon" and thinking it's talking about the metal band.
  • A touring photographer whose job is is to photograph EDM acts staring at their laptops.
  • Software developers figure out a more effective way to make money than making their users happy.
  • Nonconsensual updates.
  • Writing demos, like in the 90s, back when computers were fun.
  • The optimism of feeling like computers were going to make people's lives better.
  • Finding cool programs to download onto your computer.
  • Getting a job writing Picotron BBSes in Lua.
  • Waiting until Chat GPT learns how to use Picotron.
  • Clippy but it's self-aware and hates itself.
  • Asking Clippy for stories about Bill Gates.
  • Desktop Pets.
  • Bonzi Buddy pointedly reminding you that he has your credit card number.
  • Writing a poem to get your dad to stop asking you if you're off the toilet.
  • The scene from Trainspotting where the protagonist dives into the toilet.
  • In twenty years when Winston is hosting Topic Lords and making Frog Fractions sequels.
  • downpour.games
  • Look at this, look what I did!
  • Seeing snowflakes for the second time in your life.
  • Snow: it's beautiful, unless it's in Avery's freezer.
  • A frozen lake that you can just run around on and dogs love it.
  • Snowboarding with a kite.
  • Cross country snowboarding while holding a Swiffer.
  • Contagious ice.
  • 28 different shapes for the waters to be in.
  • A metastable high pressure form of ice.
  • The sci-fi lore of obscure ice.
  • Virtually all the ice in the biosphere.
  • Pauly Shore's lifetime achievement Oscar.
  • Why climb a mountain when you could administer a Mastodon server?
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