44. Oops! All Biogel


August 24th, 2020

58 mins 1 sec

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  • Not caring if you're duplicating thought work that was done by a ton of people forever ago because you're having a good time.
  • Correction on Japanese crop microbiome.
  • The PXL-2000 camcorder
  • This is the first Wikipedia page for a movie that has the entire movie embedded in the page:
  • Search and rescue as an excuse for robotics research.
  • What if poop worked like, you ate dinosaur chicken nuggets, you got dinosaur poops.
  • It's annoying that it took me so long to realize I love writing dialog trees.


  • Thinking that other people have had sex, when they haven't.
  • Making a very good one about fried green boys.
  • The dominant recessive two alleles punnett square stuff.
  • All the mystery flowers that have been reproducing willy nilly.
  • Finding out about Redstone and reinventing computing from scratch.
  • Whether figuring out all the crafting shapes is a good part of Minecraft.
  • Waking up in an abandoned cryogenics facility and enjoying the plastic bag upgrade tree.
  • Waking up in an abandoned cryogenics facility but there's lots of fish sticks so you just eat fish sticks.
  • Whether fish sticks are frozen fish or are born sticks.
  • Making a stick into a spear by holding it in your hand.
  • A shopping cart breaking into almost enough pieces to make a new shopping cart.
  • The soul of the shopping cart ascending into heaven so you have to play a fishing minigame to get it back.
  • A good starter project where after your finish it there are birds in it right now.
  • Beginner knowledge work projects feeling useless because somebody already wrote the program you just wrote.
  • 3D printer projects resulting in a physical artifact even when there's an error.
  • Constantly being annoyed that you're not a scientist in the 1300s.
  • How Tycho Brahe was the "greatest naked eye astronomer" because he owned a sextant and had a bunch of spare time that he spent looking up.
  • An "octant" possibly being 33% more than a sextant but nobody on the podcast is sure.
  • Trying to figure out what "congresstant" means.
  • Japanese far right nationalists being terrified of Koreans touching their rice.
  • Hearing a Japanese person say a fact about Japan and just assuming that it's true.
  • Wes Anderson accidentally validating far right Japanese nationalists by putting their caricatures of a foreigner in Isle of Dogs.
  • Watching Japanese television because your Japanese isn't good enough to tell who's being a far right douchebag.
  • Muting a TV show and procedurally generating subtitles whenever someone speaks.
  • Localizing an anime without knowing what characters were originally saying.
  • Sitting there with your 2020 sensibilities going "oh my god."
  • Saving video to audio cassette.
  • The camera that filmed the two minute performance art scene in Richard Linklater's Slacker.
  • Not having time to watch Monty Python movies but hanging eventually internalizing the whole oeuvre from when fans quote it.
  • Picking a movie and having to communicate only in lines from that movie for the rest of your life.
  • Looking for the movie with the most words in it but Google only wants to tell you the movie with the most f-words in it.
  • Not having seen Casino but deciding to say only things that they say in Casino from now on.
  • According to this one web page Jim found, Team America World Police only having 1600 words in it.
  • Hearing a line from Casino and immediately forgetting it.
  • Singing Come to my Window by Melissa Etheridge except with blueberries.
  • A mask that covers your eyes but plays a tone in your ears based on the distance of the closest object in front of each eye.
  • Watching the entire movie inside the Wikipedia page for the movie.
  • Embedding Myst in Wikipedia.
  • Putting on your business card that the Frog Fractions Wikipedia page is rated "GA" for "good article."
  • Plugging the Wikipedia article for Frog Fractions into GPT-2 and learning facts about future sequels.
  • Insect-inspired robots.
  • People asking what your robot design is for and always saying "search and rescue" and everybody believing you even though search and rescue people never use robots.
  • Making robots that are too small to get military funding because they can't carry a payload.
  • Taking an ultrasound of a fly while it's flying.
  • Inventing the idiom "cheap as a moth."
  • Harvesting antennae from dead moths and attaching it to your circuit board with Bio Gel and your circuit board has a sense of smell until the antenna rots away an hour later.
  • Moths not having a circulatory system but they do some stuff with liquids.
  • Whether or not Jim's wife needs an army of robot bugs for her park ranger crew.
  • Your life goal being to annoy your neighbors with the self-replicating robot mosquito you invented.
  • Smearing bio gel on you battery connectors and then inserting any foodstuff into the battery compartment.
  • Putting flies on leashes.
  • A robot-fighting praying mantis with a perfect record.
  • The mantis refusing to fight any given robot more than once.
  • Oops, All Biogel.
  • Enjoying looking at all your little dinosaur poops.
  • Eating alphabet soup consecutively and sending a photo of the toilet to your message recipient.
  • Discovering your superpowers at a baby food tasting party.
  • Eating baby food for the first time and vienna sausages bursting from every pore.
  • Identifying a strange substance by putting it in your mouth.
  • Tasting the ash of a cremated person and pooping out their face, then applying the electricity and they come back to life.
  • Not discovering that you love writing dialog trees until you're 41.
  • Making a mixtape of Nintendo DS ROMs for your partner.
  • Writing a dialog tree into a stressful email so you get all the future stressful emails out of the way too.
  • Your girlfriend reading your dialog tree linearly so she thinks you want to break up, get married, have a baby, and move to Pittsburgh.
  • Gmail basically being a dialog tree nowadays.
  • The Gmail Labs feature that predicts the three suggested responses that your recipient will see, so you can rewrite your email until they only get three variations of "Wow, what a great email!"
  • Ostensibly being a comedy writer but laughing harder at dialog written by an algorithm.
  • Japanese people making an acknowledgement noise for every word you say, and feeling way too validated.
  • Reading RPG-style text and imagining somebody making a grunting noise every time a letter appears.
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