113. Only You In Particular Can Prevent Forest Fires


December 20th, 2021

1 hr 7 mins 8 secs

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  • Priming with a prompt.
  • Using the Inception noise too much so Christopher Nolan angrily accosts you and you can get his autograph.
  • A selection of nice suits.
  • The swirl of the chocolate and vanilla duo.
  • So classy but also so messy.
  • The counter with fifty different ice creams in buckets.
  • 99.
  • A stick of flaky wispy chocolate that you stick into your ice cream.
  • The two biggest KLF fans in America.
  • Mid-Atlantic Podcast Time.
  • Ordering a hot latte in the middle of Summer.
  • Realizing it's winter and going back into the coffee shop and asking the barista to put your iced coffee in the microwave.
  • The treat that you would least like to have in the summer.
  • Hanging your Christmas Pudding from a clothesline.
  • Hollywood Pudding.
  • The Devil's Sandwich.
  • A fancy lad who eats nothing but olives and fig newtons.
  • Morbid Distance Markers.
  • Royalophilia.
  • One princess dies and TV becomes useless for days
  • The ethical considerations of faking a news segment.
  • The last time you'll ever think about Princess Diana.
  • All your dead relatives living in your head.
  • Never saying your child's name on the internet.
  • What body part is touching the poison oak in this metaphor.
  • Refusing to go outside without an EpiPen.
  • Abraham Lincoln fighting Nazis in the cyberpunk future.
  • Bringing back beards for presidents.
  • A 60-page readme about how to run this game in various driver configurations.
  • Sitemaps.
  • Selling shirts with Abraham Lincoln's face on them at Milwaukee Marker Fair.
  • Going full neon.
  • Covering the entire surface of the shirt with a garish vaporwave pattern.
  • Describing courage without involving a dusty lion.
  • Drawing a single original word from your breast, like a rib.
  • Falling asleep with your hand in a mound of planets.
  • A fleeting moment of recognition that is often very centering.
  • Standing at the limits of language.
  • Word tattoos.
  • Mostly salt up top.
  • Describing a moment or a feeling or a concept that is unrelenting in your mind.
  • Using a trembling glass of water emoji but nobody knows whether you mean anxiety or an approaching T-Rex.
  • His and Hers Mound of Planets Tattoos.
  • The Irish guy in the room.
  • Paying respect to your Irish heritage by naming your daughter "McPhee."
  • 8 out of the top 10 baby names of 2020.
  • Having a reaction that nobody else is having.
  • Don't Start Fires mascots.
  • Thinking that Smokey the Bear is instructing you to start forest fires because you don't know what "prevent" means.
  • Only you in particular can prevent forest fires.
  • Whatever flips your boat.
  • One of those weird European psychological horrors.
  • Ha-Ha Hollywood.
  • Wanting information and figuring out how to get it.
  • John Romero still having the Apple 2's memory layout memorized 40 years later.
  • Trying to remember if you've done a podcast.
  • A cat trying to get you to come to bed.
  • Only grace tweets.
  • Overwatch boops.
  • Overwatch: Global Offensive.
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