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The Last Titan

The Last Titan, by Tim Ambrogi Saxon

Too cruel, too quiet
He will not be missed
The titan buries the last of its kin
An old god, his glory lost to memory
Once mighty, worshipped
Weary and worn now
Ground down by the burden of each loss

They have all left him
At first like partygoers
Called away before the dancing had begun
But as the long night of life drew on
And all the fun was ended
And the hall grew quiet
The night sky alone looked on with pity

He lingers now with cold silence his only companion
There are none remain who bore witness
To his triumphs, to his beauty,
To the long journey he took and the ones he loved along the way
The laughter and dreams
And all the noise in between

Now he bears this absence alone
None remain to return that simple honor
That solemn remembrance he gave to them all in their passing
He will not be missed
Too quiet, too cruel