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Too cruel, too quiet
He will not be missed
The titan buries the last of its kin
An old god, his glory lost to memory
Once mighty, worshipped
Weary and worn now
Ground down by the burden of each loss

They have all left him
At first like partygoers
Called away before the dancing had begun
But as the long night of life drew on
And all the fun was ended
And the hall grew quiet
The night sky alone looked on with pity

He lingers now with cold silence his only companion
There are none remain who bore witness
To his triumphs, to his beauty,
To the long journey he took and the ones he loved along the way
The laughter and dreams
And all the noise in between

Now he bears this absence alone
None remain to return that simple honor
That solemn remembrance he gave to them all in their passing
He will not be missed
Too quiet, too cruel

80s homework reaction Mon, 09 Jan 2023 19:00:00 -0800 284a7ffe-c83b-4ea0-9db1-463e0ce7516c
  • Holland Oats - Kiss on my List
    • Don't like the start, I like it more as it goes on
    • Dislike the intro to the chorus, but I like the first chord change
    • Guitar solo is unremarkable
    • Not generally a fan of romantic lyrics
  • The Human League - Don't You Want Me
    • Every part but the chorus feels like oatmeal
    • Kinda flat and bland
    • Don't like the weird small-room reverb effect on the vocals
    • What a boring song
  • Agent Orange - Bloodstains
    • I like punk music
    • I don't associate punk music with "the 80s"
    • Which isn't to say that I didn't know that the 80s had punk music but more that, it seems like a continuation of a trend rather than something "Of The 80s", you know?
  • Dolly Parton - I Will Always Love You
    • I've never actually listened to Dolly Parton.
    • I never knew this was originally a Dolly Parton song; I only ever heard the Whitney Houston version
    • I think the same thing of both versions; Too sappy, not really up my alley.
    • If I had to pick one though I still prefer Whitney Houston's version.
  • Pointer Sisters - Automatic
    • These drums are emblematic of what I hate about so much 80s music
    • Unlike most other songs so far; I actually really enjoy the vocals
    • Fun song, but I wish it had different instrumentation
  • Metallica - For Whom the Bell Tolls (Live)
    • Metallica; another band I've never really actually listened to even though I know I must have heard them in a million movies and shows and commercials and whatever
    • Sounds fine. Doesn't really stir any great emotion in me.
    • Oh wow he's singing now it took almost 3 minutes to get to lyrics.
    • I like it more with singing.
  • Echo and the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon
    • This is as far as I got last time I listened to this playlist, then I was distracted trying to find the band the guy's voice reminded me of
    • It was both The Veils (also the Editors)
    • I can relate to the moon imagery
    • I like this song a lot
  • Bonnie Tyler - Holding out for a Hero
    • I've heard this a million times in so many things but I've never actually listened to it on its own
    • What a banger. Good jam
    • So far a lot of these songs just fade out
  • Suzanne Vega - Gypsy
    • It's fine.
  • Harold Faltermeyer - Shoot Out
    • They've put the song and artist name the wrong way round on this youtube video.
    • Sounds like a videogame level for a genesis era character platformer.
    • Too 80s for me.
  • Frank Zappa - G-Spot Tornado
    • I remember my mom liked Zappa, and iirc it was one of those kinds of like, young-people bands that her mom would be like 'turn that noise off' for.
    • This also sounds like a videogame level for a genesis-era character platformer, but a much more fun one.
    • I would play this game.
    • Ah a new instrument has been introduced and now it sounds like two different games on adjacent tvs playing at once.
    • This song is about being chased, but I don't know by what or where to.
  • Prince & the Revolution - Kiss
    • Prince; another very famous person I've never listened to
    • There's a person playing guitar in this video but I don't hear any guitar.
    • Is it that extremely gated sound?
    • Every instrument in this is mad gated. I kinda like it just as a neat stylistic choice.
    • Oh here's the guitar.
    • I can see why prince is as famous as he was, both culturally and musically.
  • U2 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
    • The tempo seems like it keeps drifting and it's bizarre.
    • I don't like this.
    • It's like kumbaya music
  • T-Square - Truth
    • Was not expecting a japanese band to be on this list.
    • I can't dissociate the sound of this electronic reed instrument from videogamery.
    • This guitar solo is much better than the one from kiss on my list.
    • Good song.
  • George Michael - Father Figure
    • Is this a song about his role in Arrested Development
    • I don't like this.
    • Very creepy lyrics and visuals; intensely horny and also
    • "I will be your father figure, put your tiny hand in mine"
    • as they smash faces together
    • I really don't like this.
  • Bobby Brown - My Perogative
    • This sounds a lot like a backstreet boys song.
    • He even says "tell me why"
    • I don't like this.
    • It just keeps going
  • N.W.A. - Gangsta Gangsta
    • Oh my god these lyrics are so straight forward.
    • Not even a hint of metaphor.
    • Not my speed.
  • Enya - Orinoco Flow
    • Oh I've only heard the sail away part before.
    • Eh, it's fine.
  • De La Soul - Eye Know
    • I like this
  • Madonna - Like a Prayer
    • Eh. It's fine.
    • I don't hate it.
    • Don't like it.
  • ]]>